FORBEST is passionate about making Towel products that are as comfort as they are functional, because you deserves the best. 

If you see me now you would ask yourself what business does she have making such big bath towels?

One hundred pounds ago, I was in Century 21 in New York City. I found myself in the bath towel department looking for a bath towel big enough to fit around me without falling off and not a beach towel. I did leave the store with a towel. It was a black Chloe beach towel. That was all I could find, a towel that didn’t absorb that well and only just covered me. If I bent over or tried to stoop down it would fall off. After that, I was determined to find a large enough sized bath towel that would fit me. Everywhere I went, I looked for a large enough bath towel but never had any luck. I decided to live with the fact that I was never going to find one that fits me. Then I asked myself, why don’t I make my own bath towel? Next, I asked myself if I need a bigger bath towel, then maybe other plus-sized people would want a big towel too. In the process, I found out from smaller people that they wanted a larger bath towel too so that they could wrap it around themselves in comfort.

The towels are 100% cotton and made to a high-quality standard. They are thick but not too thick that they are too heavy to use. 

Whatever you need, it's right here.