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A new word in the dictionary of foreign real estate

Here is another new word in the dictionary of Sweden, this time in the same article "foreign real estate" - DNT.DNT is a real estate object that is issued for the purchase of a private residence, and in most cases it is used by owners to conclude a contract of purchase and sale of a residence. In most cases, the object is returned to the owner after review and a transaction decision.In Sweden, the DNT is a separate and equal right of ownership. The rights to it consist of the numerator and one is reserved for the right of ownership. The numerator specifies the day of the month, the denominator is the property of the item. In most cases, the rights can be returned by the buyer in installments. In addition, if the buyer decides to return the property to the owner, the property will be returned on its own right, after paying all legal and other fees and costs. In some cases, the buyer decides to reissue the property, but after paying all the legal and other costs and expenses, they will have the right to ask for the property to be returned to the owner. In some cases, it may be necessary to return the property to the property itself, where it will be returned to the owner.The property can only be returned by paying a fine and any other fees. It is not allowed to transfer ownership of the property to a non-citizen.The buyer must pay all the legal and other costs and expenses in order to conclude a transaction.If the buyer does not want to pay all the legal and other costs and expenses, he can not make a transaction with the property, and if the transaction is concluded without the owner's participation, then the transaction is concluded by the court and the law does not apply.The court may conclude a transaction based on information from the owner's personal account. If the information is available and the transaction is concluded according to the information that is provided to your by the owner.In most cases, the object will be returned to the owner after all necessary and ongoing appeals and court costs. You can conclude a transaction using the methods listed in the article "Foreign real estate" - by calling the relevant authorities' offices at the address specified in the contract of purchase and sale or by calling 0.7% (79) 14 15 15 15. The representative of the real estate Agency "BENOIT" can help you choose a suitable option for you. You can also choose a suitable property object from among potential buyers. You can also get an opinion on the quality of the offered one object by visiting the exhibition-forum "Real estate" - how to choose a property.GreeceForeign real estate is characterized by three main types of contracts:1. Old – for life support loans and mortgage loans2. New – for life and pension loans3. Renew